In amongst everything happening in the world I almost forgot to create a World Goth Day post.  

For this year I thought I would highlight goth music and the goth scene around the world as I find it fascinating seeing how other cultures and countries interpret and express their gothic selves.  After a bit of research I have created this playlist.  Not everything on the list is 100% so if you're a purist this list is probably not for you, but the majority is.

So far there is:

She Past Away from Turkey 
BLAZH from Russia 
Sunnset from Mexico
Vlad in Tears from Italy 
Corpus Delicti from France
Front 242 from Belguim
Dahlia from France
The Awakening from South Africa
Dead Can Dance from Australia
Clan of Xymox from the Netherlands
Buck Tick from Japan
Virgin Prunes from Ireland
She Wants Revenge from the USA
Le Vow from Bolivia
The Last Days of Jesus from Slovakia
Closterkeller from Poland
Lacrimosa from Germany 
Bauhaus from UK
HOFFEN from Mexico
Flood of Tears from Argentina
Terminal Serious from Italy
Nürmberg from Belaruse
Re-TROS from China
L'âme Immortelle from Austria
Plastique Noir from Brazil
Rosetta Stone from the UK
Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos from Costa Rica
Ministry from USA (Al Jourgensen from Cuba)
Aurielio Voltaire from Cuba
Crystal Axis from Kenya
The Ninth Heaven from India
TV on the Radio from the USA
Hedgehog from China
Haunt Me from the USA
Leonora Post Punk from Mexico
Lima 13 from Peru
The Falacy from Chile
HIM from Finland
The Birthday Massacre from Canada 
The Birthday Party from Australia
Illuminate from Germany