This Winter Solstice me, Pat and a couple of friends decided to spend the day at Pat's studio doing a raku firing.  I had made some small tiles that were meant to be Christmas decorations that I wanted to send out in place of cards this year.  Unfortunately due to crappy weather on the days that we've been both free we weren't able to do the glazing and firing till Sunday so they were a bit late to send out.  I'm still really chuffed with how they came out and will send them out to friends and family in the New Year. I'll get some better pics in a few days but this is just one that I took when they first came out of the kiln.

I've also been doing the final bits of a pic I started working on a couple of months back.  It's of 3 witches walking through a graveyard in the mist.  I'm really chuffed with how it's come out.  My mum suggested getting some cards printed so might do this in the New Year.

We've also got my friends 2 cats staying with us over the Christmas and New Year so expect some pics of them both looking cute.