I've been feeling really crappy and uninspired so it's quite handy that I'm taking part in a few blog challenges.  Todays has come from Professor Z (see link above or on my slide bar) and the idea is to write a post about 'what makes your heart sing'.  At present it's a bit of a struggle as I still don't know the outcome of the consultation at work, but I feel happy with the decisions I have made so I just need to wait and see what happens next.

Obviously my boyfriend creates a fair bit of heart singing.  I feel extremely lucky to have found someone who I get on so well with  and shares so many of my interests and values.  He's also incredibly supportive and extremely creative and it was our 17 year anniversary at the beginning of the month :)

As well as Pat, here are some of the other things that make me happy:
Johnny Depp (for when Pats not available ;)), music, cats, bats, meditation, creative hobbies, rain (especially when I'm indoors), coffee, ankhs and spirals. 

What Makes My Heart Sing

What Makes My Heart Sing by woodledoodledandy