Its been a busy few days due to my day job being a bit hectic.  I therefore meant to post these pics earlier but nevermind.

Here's what I made for Lisa for the Geeky Swap.

What I sent for the Geek Swap

It was a relatively small swap with us just needing to make our partners 3 items.  I chose to make a Professor Layton lavender pillow, a yoda keyring and a Sherlock Holmes gadget case.  I also sent some Thorntons toffees as I wasn't sure if they had them in the US.  I'm especially pleased with how the Sherlock Holmes pic came out.  It was mostly cut out of stiff felt apart from his pipe, which I embroidered on separately.  My bf also had his eye on the yoda keyring so I may need to make another for him at some point ;)  The Professor Layton cushion was my first bit of cross stitching in about 25 years so I was pretty pleased that it came out as well as it did.  It took forever to do and about halfway through I had a few doubts about how it was going to look but I'm glad I stuck with it :)

I've also been making a few things for myself and my shop.  I made some earrings, which I would show you but have misplaced (Doh!) and a 'Kat' necklace for me.

Kat Necklace I made for Myself :)