Wednesday was a really nice day, lots of bright sunshine and warm, so after a potter around the charity shops I decided to head down the plot.  I did a bit of weeding between the onions as it was being to look more like a lawn than an onion patch.  It was hard work but satisfying and I found I had way more onions than I realised.  

I then went for a little potter around the site to look at others plots and see if the allotment cat was about.  Sure enough he/she was also having a wonder so I had a little bit of a stroke and left it to it.  A few minutes later, while I was having a sit, it came trotting over.  It bounded straight up onto my lap and after having a good lick and almost falling off my lap a few times it settled.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Its so good for my head and I felt all smiley and happy the rest of the day :)

Here one of the pics I took once it had settled.