Todays blog post is my blog homework courtesy of The Curious Professor Z.  This month the homework is to blog about the most beautiful piece of music we have ever heard.  A tough one and I racked my brains for a while on this but decided on something classical.  I don't listen to much classical but it's what I play if I'm stressed or need to focus on a tricky task. 

My choice is probably a slightly odd one given that I am a humanist and in no way religious.  It's 'Ave Maria' by Schubert and has been a favourite for years.  I also love Grieg but I'd have a tough job knowing the titles of any of the pieces I love.  I've gone with the instrumental version of Ave Maria as I prefer the simplicity of the arrangement.  It's a piece of music that always makes me tingly and stop what I'm doing. 

Another track that comes a very close second is 'Drifting Away' by Faithless, so I thought I'd share that too as it's beautiful.