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Posted by Kat C on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, In : Crafting 
I finally finished crocheting my first pair of socks this morning and I'm rather proud of the results.  I didn't use a pattern so they aren't exactly the same as each other but they fit well and are warm.  I've also added some elastic to the top to help them stay on. 

I will have to get doing some more crocheting as I really enjoyed making these.  I think I will try making another pair, but first I have been asked to crochet a hat for a friend of my boyfriends cat.  The cat is called Charlie ...

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Latest Creations

Posted by Kat C on Saturday, October 19, 2013, In : Jewellery 
I've been feeling quite productive lately and have been making some new items for my shop.  I've made 2 new necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings.  I've also made myself a cute, pink hat and a black infinity dress \o/

Here's the hat I made myself.  It's crocheted from the wool I picked up from the Pound shop a few weeks ago.  I love how it's come out and might make some more for gifts.

It was partly inspired by a new hat I bought myself from Rachael at Talk2thetrees and partly my own design.  The o...

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Cats and Crochet

Posted by Kat C on Sunday, September 29, 2013, In : Crafting 
Hotel le chat has been open for business again and we have 2 different cats staying with us :)  They are a little older than our usuals and are here to stay a for a longer spell, probably a few months while their new owner moves home.  They originally belonged to a friend of a friend who died suddenly and were staying with a relative.  They weren't really cat people and had dogs so it was a bit stressful for all concerned, so we have them both to stay with us. 

They are Bandy and Mouse.  They ...

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