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New Creations

Posted by Kat C on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, In : Jewellery 
Having a newly tidied craft desk has really inspired me and I've been making loads of bits and bobs.  I've been using the sewing machine \o/ and have made myself 4 sleepsuits for the summer - two with full length legs and 2 with shorts.   I'm proud to say they were made entirely from scratch and from my own pattern :)  The 2 with full length legs have elasticated waists too so I'm really chuffed with myself.  I made them from an old bedsheet and a duvet I picked up second hand.  I'll get post...
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My Newly Organised Crafting Area

Posted by Kat C on Monday, June 10, 2013, In : Organising 
This weekend I got busy sorting out my crafting materials so that they were in less of a muddle.  I'm also doing a private destash swap with Mary from Cut Out & Keep so that also acted as a good motivation :)

Here's how it's looking now.

Here's the whole area with my desk and shelves.

My freshly tidied crafting corner :)

Here's a close up of my desk with my tubs of sewing stuff, ribbon, threads, etc

Craft Desk

And here's where I store all my jewellery making tools, beads, findings, etc


I'm already loving my newly organised space and I...
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Second Hand Sunday

Posted by Kat C on Sunday, June 24, 2012, In : Charity Shops 
I was working over in Watford yesterday morning so I got to have a good mooch around the charity shops over in there for a change.  There's a brilliant selection and I can usually find some bargains.  Yesterday I found loads of goodies over at the New Hope Trust Charity shop.  Its a local homeless charity and the shop is really big and great for finding second hand craft materials.  Here's what I found yesterday.


Now, I know this as a Knitting Nancy. It made me smile when I spotted it as I ha...
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My Crafting Space

Posted by Kat C on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, In : Organising 
Last month one of the best neighbours we've had moved back home to Japan.  We miss her loads but we're still in touch and we have loads of bits from her flat which she gave us, so we have plenty of things to remind us of her.  One of these is her old jewellery making desk.  She made absolutely beautiful jewellery, what I'd call 'proper' jewellery making as she created her jewellery completely from scratch, drawing out the designs and creating them using precious metals like gold and silver an...
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Feeling Creative \o/

Posted by Kat C on Sunday, October 30, 2011, In : Jewellery 
After all the goings on on Folksy its been a relief to get back to making jewellery again.  I've been going through the stash I got from Oxfam earlier in the month and taking the broken jewellery apart and sorting out what findings I can salvage.  So far I have managed to get some really nice copper jump rings and loads of pretty beads and spacers.  Here's what I got in the jar.

It only cost £4.99 so I was chuffed to bits :)  I've so sorted a lot of the beads and made a pair of earrings.  I u...
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