I'm feeling really grim at the moment as I have picked up some virus which has given me a nasty, dry cough.  This is affecting my asthma and mood and I've been generally feeling pretty meh :(  The cold bit of the virus is coming out though so I'm hoping I'm over the worse bit.  I've also seen the doctor and have something to take for the cough so fingers crossed it will be gone pretty soon.

In other news, I have been keeping busy with a craft swap.  The swap is on Cut Out & Keep and is a Goth themed swap :)  I've been busy making for the last couple of weeks and think I'm practically finished.  I just need to finish off one last thing, buy some chocolate as we may have accidentallied the stuff I originally bought other other night, and then I can post it.  

I've really enjoyed swapping again and there seems to be a much better system amongst the swappers to try and reduce the chances of being paired with a flaker.  There's also a system where you can be paired with a swap angel if your partner does flake.  I'm pretty confident of this swap though and we are working in a three and both the other swappers have been on the site for a long while and seem good swappers so I don't have any worries re this happening. I wanted to post some pics of my creations but think I will wait until I've posted them.  That way if the person I'm sending to does check my blog it won't ruin the surprise.