The lockdown and pandemic have been really tough on artists of all kinds so I've been making the extra effort to try and support those artists that I love by buying art/music/merchandise.  Although I don't earn loads as a self employed person my expenses have been much lower during lockdown as most of my work has moved online, so there's been no travel costs.

Here's my recent purchases during March:

Gothicat have been doing loads to support musicians during the pandemic and have hosted 5 virtual goth festivals.  I've heard some incredible music, some artists I already knew but mostly a lot I hadn't heard before.  I'm very grateful for this so have brought one of my Christmas presents from their site and, as they had a sale on recently I've purchased this Jesus and Meowry Chain T-shirt for myself .  It's so cute and I've loved Jesus and Marychain since my teens.

Another band I have loved since my teens is Corpus Delicti.  I never got to see them live at the time but it was looking like I might get the chance just before the pandemic turned everything upside down.  Now that Brexit has happened, which depresses me no end, I'm not sure the band will even consider coming over when they are allowed to play live shows again.  I wouldn't blame them if they gave the UK a miss.  Brexit should never have happened but now that it has it has made the processed of travel to and from the UK a lot more work. I brought one of their new Saraband t-shirts

My final purchase this month has come in the form of the new album from Blutengel.  They only released it last week and I brought it the day it was released, in fact I think I had it on preorder.  I love Blutengel and Chris Pohl's sound.  I also fell in love with their latest single, a cover of Alphaville's Forever Young.  The whole album is of covers of 80's artists, so just my thing. 

Here's a link to the latest album on Spotify and their latest video.