I've just got back from a very enjoyable week cat sitting for a friend up in Cheshire. It was a lovely week, slightly iffy weather to start with but it soon perked up :)  Bob the cat acted as a fine host too.  He treated us to the full array of mews, meows, yodels and other assorted noises from his wide repertoire.  He's an older cat than the two we usually cat sit but he was adorable.  So friendly and purry, and slept curled up between us every night.

We had a pretty chilled out week with some craft and second hand shopping and some trips out.  One of the trips was to Jodrell Bank near Macclesfield where they have the massive Lovell Radio Telescope.  It was like being in a sci-fi film :)  The grounds were also really peaceful and I got tons of pics of the telescope.   Here's one of the amazing structure of the back.  I'll add some more in a few days when I've worked out how to upload them from my ipod.