I was at one of our local garden centres on Friday so picked up a few bits for the plot.  I just got some fresh Thyme, as ours got killed by the frost and some Catnip.  I went down the plot today with said plants, cleared a space for both and planted them and then went about my normal business of weeding and so on.  Anyway, as I was heading out I spotted Allotment Cat 2.  He came bounding over as he usually does and then he went a little potty.  He couldn't get enough of my bag and was rolling round, clawing it and rubbing up against it and generally being a bit silly :)  

Of all the years I've kept cats we've never had one that's liked catnip so this was a bit of new one for me.  I think he'll like what we have planted on the plot if he goes this silly over my bag :)