I've been having a bit of a tidy of my craft supplies and I'm rather pleased with myself as I've been brave and done a cull of my beads and charms.  I've managed to prune out 4 bags worth of beads, buttons and charms.  I figured the beads I don't plan on using are just cluttering up my supplies and it was making it hard to see what nice beads I had.  As most of my woodle doodle dandy designs jewellery is made from natural materials I've kept the wooden, glass, metal, ceramic and gemstone beads and sorted them by material rather than colour.  I've also kept a lot of my black, purple, pink and metalic coloured beads as I will use them in A Little Bit Goth jewellery creations.

I've now bagged up what's being rehomed and have photographed and listed them on ebay.  I figure ebay money is always handy and allows me a few little indulgences.  It also pays my etsy fees.  I also feel a bit more inspired to create some new things for my shops.

I've already made this new bracelet.  The connectors were from a similar style bracelet that I picked up second hand a while back.  It was originally turquoise so I've made it into a silver and black beaded bracelet. 

That's been listed in A Little Bit Goth and has already had quite a few views and been favourited :)  I've also been teaching myself some mending skills and had a go at darning a couple of socks that had hole in.  It was surprisingly easy and I'm really chuffed with how well it came out.  I used the tutorial here to get me started.  My sock didn't look quite as neat as the one in the tutorial but it was still pretty good.  I also improvised and used a tennis ball instead of the darning tool shown in the tutorial.