I finally finished crocheting my first pair of socks this morning and I'm rather proud of the results.  I didn't use a pattern so they aren't exactly the same as each other but they fit well and are warm.  I've also added some elastic to the top to help them stay on. 

I will have to get doing some more crocheting as I really enjoyed making these.  I think I will try making another pair, but first I have been asked to crochet a hat for a friend of my boyfriends cat.  The cat is called Charlie and he wants a hat that says 'Je Suis Charlie'.  I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this as I don't have a cat to use as a model and to get the sizes right.  I'll have to use Mr Ted instead :)

I have also promised my boyfriend an orange and grey hat and should get on and make that too. I might even be brave and attempt using a pattern!