Yesterday I had my first snow day in a good few years.  It snowed from 8.45am till nearly 5.00pm and started settling after only a few minutes.  I was relieved that it started early as it meant I was able to take the day off work, rather than setting off and then trying to get home in the snow.  

I've finished my red fleece trousers and I'm well under way with the brown fleece top that goes with them :)  They're extremely warm and cosy and I can wear them on their own or over the top of trousers (which I'm doing now) and they are perfect for this cold weather.  I also was naughty and bought myself a onsie :)  They were only £12 for fleece, zebra ones in Primark and I'm so chuffed I bought it :)  I was wearing it all day yesterday and felt incredibly cosy and warm. 

I shall have to get some pics of my new trousers so I can show them off.  I'm also planning to do a bit of organising and tidying, especially my craft area.  I want to finish off the painting I started a while back and I want to do a bit of crochetting and make a start on my patchwork blanket.  I also saw this really pretty black and white jumper online and thought I might try something ambitious and have a go at something similar.  

Here's the original one I saw on Free Peoples' site.  Gorgeous but £70, so a bit out of my price range :/ 

Hopefully it will inspire me to tidy my desk and get making :)