The weather has been pretty grim here in St Albans and to be honest I'm getting a bit bored with it.  I've been down the allotment but all I've managed to do is empty the compost bin and collect some rainwater for our pitcher plant.  Everything is growing well though, especially the onions.  I'm hoping to be able to harvest them fairly soon and may even be able to leave them off the shopping list next month.

I've been having a good potter round the charity shops this week and have found some very cool things to share today. Without much further ado, I'll get on and show you what I've found :) I love all things purple and stripy so these slipper socks in Oxfam were definitely going to be coming home with me.  I have also been on the look out for Sex in the City on DVD for ages.  When we had a telly it was one of my favourite series.  They may all be impossibly slim and attractive but there was something about the honesty and humour used to discuss everything that really appealed to me and I could relate to.  Watching the first series now the fashion has dated but the directness still really hits the mark.

Next up are a couple of smock tops.  Both are from Keech House Hospice and both were around the £3.50 mark.  I've got a bit of a thing for smock type tops at the mo and have a wardrobe full of them.  I like wearing them with my skinny jeans and boots.  The second one is a little like maternity wear so I may need to wear a belt but I love them both.

Thursday was also the day of the local elections.  As usual I voted Green, so I was delighted to learnt that our local Green councillor, Simon Grover, got in for a second time.  He's done so much in just a year so he really deserved everyone's vote.  According the the parties website votes were up on last year for all Green party candidates.  I've also been told that they were up nationally too so that's brilliant news.