I was working over in Watford yesterday morning so I got to have a good mooch around the charity shops over in there for a change.  There's a brilliant selection and I can usually find some bargains.  Yesterday I found loads of goodies over at the New Hope Trust Charity shop.  Its a local homeless charity and the shop is really big and great for finding second hand craft materials.  Here's what I found yesterday.


Now, I know this as a Knitting Nancy. It made me smile when I spotted it as I had one growing up and haven't seen one in ages.  It was only 75p  and I thought I could have a go at making some friendship bracelets and other jewellery bits using her. 

Next up I found this cool fish stamp for just 25p.  I love the spirals down the sides and I think I can use it to stamp on felt.  I like using stamps to make brooches and embellishments for cards.   I tend to stamp on felt and then embroider the designs with different colour threads.  

I have been practising using beading wire and crimps but I've used up most of my small clasps.  This meant I was on the look out for bracelets and cheap necklaces where I could nick the clasps to reuse.  The top necklace was just £1.15 and I think the bracelet was £1.50.  I like the beads in the bracelet and the flattened silver beads in the necklace so I think I can reuse them too.

The last pic I have to share is the contents of a small jar of beads.  It was a real bargain at just 65p so I was really chuffed with myself for spotting it.  Also when I opened it when I got home I found that the light green beads are ceramic.  I thought they were plastic when I saw them in the jar but they're much nicer in the flesh :)  Also I love pony beads.  I'm always a bit stuck when it comes to using them but I just love all the different colours they come in and these ones are particularly nice as they have a lovely iridescent sheen to them.  

I also picked up another couple of things which I didn't get to take pics of.  I got a lovely, full length purple skirt with velvet panels in it for £3.99 and a small photo album for just 35p.  The skirt is lovely and swishy and it will be perfect for the summer.  I got the photo album as I use them for keeping my business receipts in.  I label each page with a month going from April to March and then just keep my receipts in the appropriate month.  Its a very handy way of keeping me organised.  

I've also been making some more bits for my jewellery shop but I might save those pics for later in the week :)