I've been looking back at some of my goals for my blog and I've realised I've barely kept to any of them.  The main reason for the goals was to give my blog a bit more structure and introduce some new features, like reviews, tutorials and interviews.  

My plan was to do a tutorial/review every other month and a interview on the alternate months in between.  I also had an idea that I might also do more regular features on my second hand buys.  I thought I might call it second hand Sunday.  

So, without further ado, here is my first second hand Sunday!  Today I'll be doing a round up on some of my cool purchases from my local charity shops.  I've had some amazing finds which I can't wait to share :)

First up is this fab set of crochet/lace making tools I found lurking at the back of one of one of the shops on the outskirts of St Albans.  It was just £3.99 and I was very excited when I spotted it.  I love crochet and these hooks look so old.  Some of the ones, which I think are for lace-making are also tiny and very delicate.  I want to try out some more intricate crochet patterns and these have really inspired me.  I've also been having a look on you tube for information on crocheted lace and have been in awe of the craftsmanship and fine detail that people can achieve using crochet techniques.  I'll definitely be investigating this further.

Next up is a bundle of gemstones I picked up for £3.  They were tied up in a sandwich bag so it wasn't easy to see them at first, but as soon as I saw that there was a piece of Amethyst I knew I'd be getting them.  I'm not brilliant with my identification skills but from what I can tell there's Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Turquoise, Moss Agate, Tiger Eye, Clear Quartz and Snow Quartz (I think?) and Blue Lace Agate.  I love gemstones and keep a bowl of them by the bed.  I'm not sure about healing properties but I do think there's some quite magical and relaxing about just looking and holding them.  Just looking at them reminds me how amazing nature and our planet is.

Next, I found this cool squirly stamp for just £1.50.  I've got quite a collection of stamps and I tend to use them when I'm making Fimo jewellery or when I'm making fabric embellishments for cards or brooches.  What I tend to do is stamp onto fabric and then stitch round the picture and use it as an embellishment for a card, brooch or keyring charm. 

And finally, I've saved the cutest till last ;)  I found this adorable little cat in a basket for £1.49 :)  It feels extremely realistic and its so cute.  I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to cat things so it was destined to come home with me to join our odd little selection of cats.