We had a lovely day out today and went to Rickmansworth Canal Festival.  It runs every year but this is the first time we've been.  It was a lovely atmosphere and had a massive amount going on.  I had no idea it was as big as it was.  There was a fayre with lots of rides for the kids, live music, a wide selection of yummy food stalls and tons of stalls selling lots of festivally type stuff and crafts and stalls for local charities and conservation organisations.  The festival runs all weekend so if you're in the area its well worth popping down tomorrow.  Its just £3 for parking and the option of £2 entry.   

I totally forgot to take any pics while I was wondering round (doh!) but I did get this pic of the narrow boats on the canal as we here heading back.  

Amazingly the weather was good and stayed dry and I picked up a few bits from the stalls.  I got myself a cool pair of turquoise combat style trousers for a tenner and a cool bracelet with bells on for a fiver and a little book for bf on David Leach (Bernard Leechs' son) and his pottery for 25p. 

Walking round the stalls has also inspired me and got me thinking about looking into what's involved in getting a stall at one of these types of things.  I figure between me & bf we should be able to fill a stall of jewellery and pottery.