For today I thought I'd share some of my latest creations.  I've listed all of them in my shops so feel free to check them out :)

These were made last night and are probably my favourites.  The red beads on the ends are actually little tiny bells so they make a little tinkling noise as they swing. 

I made these a while back but have never been able to get a decent pic till today.  I love the swirl pattern, I think it looks a bit like a finger print. 

And these are another pair I made last night.  I love the silver beads at the bottom and have put them in some silver bead caps so they look extra fancy :)

I haven't been doing enough creative stuff lately as I've been busy trying to build up my own business delivering life skills training.  I hope it will become my main source of income and I'm feeling a very odd mix of fear and excitement at the mo.  I've been getting really positive feedback so hopefully I'll start getting some referrals soon.  

Last nights little creative burst was incredibly therapeutic so think I need to be working a little harder to keep up my creative hobbies.  I will eventually get back to working on the painting I've been working on.  I've kind of stalled the last few weeks but that seems to be how it goes for me when it comes to painting.