It's coming up to that most dreaded time of year, summer.  Don't get me wrong, there are bits of summer I really like.  I love the sunshine, long days, flowers and butterflies.  Unfortunately it also means humid days, hot sticky nights where you can't sleep, sunburn or having to slather yourself in factor 50 and then feeling greasy and dirty all day, wasps, exposing flesh, hay fever, asthma and never feeling clean.

I thought this year I'd try and develop a bit more of a positive attitude as, knowing British weather, it probably won't be around for long.  I've been searching the web for some inspiration and thought I'd share some of what I've found.

I already have one of these skirts in bright pink and black and it's so comfy.  I love Alien Skins clothes as they are all made to order, very reasonably priced and made from nice comfy fabrics.  More details on this skirt can found here.

BLOOD ROSE F 2in1 FineMesh Tee Blk
More details on this top can be found here.
ROSE PRAYER F Latin BoatNeck Viscos
I loved the sleeves on this top.  I bet their lovely a cool when it's hot and would give good coverage so not to get burnt.  More info on this top can be found here

More details on this dress can be found here.

Birds Of A Feather Women's Tank Top
I love most things Emily Strange related, especially if Sabbath, her cat, in on them.  More details on this top can be found here.

And these sandals are fab.  I can't do heels at all because of dodgy hips and I'm a bit of a scardy cat and don't want to fall off them.  Flatform/platforms though are much more doable and I love my creepers.  They give me a bit of extra height without feeling like I'm walking in stilts :)
FLIP-05 Black Skull Sandals
More info on these sandals can be found here.