I've been really enjoying doing some themed blog posts so I thought I'd join in with Sophisticate Noir and her 4th annual Red and Black week.  I'm going to challenge myself and do a themed blog post every day of the 6 days.

On Sundays I normally do my nails so thought I'd do something red and black for a change.  I don't normally paint them red as I worry that it draws attention to the fact I pick my fingers.  I normally go for pinks, blues, blacks and purples, but today, especially for Red & Black week, I have painted them red and black :)

I've gone with a bright red with black stripe down the middle and a top coat of red glitter.  I'm a bit of a glitter addict so couldn't resist :)

As I'm typing this I've just realised that I'm also listening to some red & black themed music (purely coincidental).  I've got The Sisters of Mercys' 'First and Last and Always' playing.  How's that for commitment :)