For some reason the gremlins in my camera cable seem to have gone for now so I've been able to get some better quality pics of some of my recent creations.

Here's a couple I've shared already but in a lower quality format.  The first was done in pens and watercolour paints with some chalk to create the mist.

And this one was done in pens, watercolour pencils and glitter.  It kind of evolved while I was watching Frankenweenie so I didn't put much thought into the materials I was using.  This means that some of the pen marks ran when I started painting part of the tree.  I still like it though so I don't mind that it's a bit messy.

This was done as a bit of an experiment.  I bought some oil pastels years ago and have used them once or twice and then put them at the back of a drawer.  They're a bit odd to work with and have a very different finish to the materials I usually use. The picture was of a woman drowning.  I think my mood was pretty meh at the time and the depression tends to come out in some of my art so it looks pretty dark.  I quite like it though and will definitely be using the oil pastels a bit more in the future. 

And finally a painting I did in the New Year using the new art pad and paints I got for Christmas.  I enjoyed painting this and I'm happy with how it came out, I'm just not sure I like it.