Its been a bit of a busy week this week.  My boyfriend has his first exhibition on Wednesday night was the private view.  He was sharing the exhibition with 3 other artists but his work was the only 3D work.  This meant he got to fill all the cabinet space.  Here's a peak at his work on display. 

You may notice that there are a few red dots in the top two pics so that means some items have already sold \o/  He's really chuffed and I'm feeling very proud :)

I loved the work of the other artists too, especially the reduction lino prints by artist, Christine Phillips.  She explained the process and it sounded really clever.  She apparently makes each print using just one piece of lino which she cuts away at, prints and then cuts away to make the subsequent layers of the picture.  Usually lino prints are made from multiple pieces of lino so I was a more than a little in awe of how she manages to make such brilliant pictures using this technique.  It's also got to be stressful, especially as you reach the final layers, as one slip up you could end up ruining hours of work with little or no chance of getting it back.  Here's some of my favourites of hers.  I especially loved the scene in the picture on the bottom left.  The colours were beautiful and you could almost feel the warmth from the sunlight.

If you are in the Hertfordshire area and you want to check out the exhibition its on at the New Maynard Gallery at Campus West in Welwyn Garden City and its on all month.  For more details check out Pats Blog.