I'm going to give this a go this year.  We've been recycling for years and create very little waste that goes in the kitchen bin, we probably only put a bin bag out once every few weeks.  I do consciously try not to buy items in plastic packaging but, I guess like most people, stuff still manages to get through.  I've been further motivated by a recent local news item saying that my local council haven't been keeping up on recycling and they are putting some into landfill in spite of people sorting their recycling and putting it out for collection.  This is frustrating but it's given me an extra push to try and remove the stuff from our shop altogether or as close to as I can.  

The next thing to investigate is greener toilet paper.  The packaging on most commercial toilet rolls is generally plastic and I'd like to try and get a subscription service like we do with our oat milk.  Currently we get our milk from Minor Figures and it works really well.  We also get things like veg delivered from a local farm store and we really like that.  We eat so much more veg and have discovered we love Butternut Squash, especially in this tasty curry

The other source of plastic for me is sweet wrappers.  For health reasons I need to keep my sweetie intake down but boiled sweets often come in plastic wrappers.  I think I need to find a supplier who sales paper bags of sweets rather than the bags in supermarkets or newsagents.