I've been having a bit of a think about which direction I'd like to take my blog for 2012. I thought I'd set myself some goals for the coming year and see how many I can achieve.

1.  Include some tutorials and recipes.  My aim is to include one a month.  I'm hoping this will get me back into cooking/baking and back into crafting.  Other than make my jewellery for my shop and paint I barely do any other crafting and I used to love it.  

2.  To add some reviews and interviews to my blog.  I aim to approach fellow crafters as well as some green folk and some gardeners.  Like before I'm hoping it will encourage me back down my allotment and also promote some causes close to my heart.  I will try and add one every other month.

3.  To offer more giveaways and make them bigger and better than before.  I tend to keep my giveaways pretty low key but I think I can afford to spice them up a bit.  Giveaways are also a great way to promote yourself and say thank you to your followers and supporters.  I plan to do one every 3 months and theme them by season.

As well as my blog goals for next year I also have a few more personal ones I'd like to work on over the next 12 months. 

1.  Get myself back to a healthier weight.  I have drawn up a plan for the next 17 months (eek) and I have kept it as achievable as possible.  I've set myself the target of 3 pounds a month and given myself rewards for each target I achieve.  My weight has been creeping up for a while now, and while I know part of it is due to the medication I'm on, I have been kind of sweeping it under the carpet and not addressing it.  

2. I'd like to teach myself how to make resin jewellery.  I've seen some really pretty and unusual jewellery and I'd really like to have a go.

3.  Take up some volunteering work at my local Cats Protection League.  I've already got the ball rolling on this but haven't got anything started yet as I've had lots of health appointments recently so this is something to do next year.  We can't have a cat where we live as we're in a flat on a main road and its written into our tennancy agreement that we don't keep pets in the flat.  I've always missed having a cat around and allotment cat 1 and 2 aren't haven't been around a lot recently so I've been missing out on my cat cuddles :(  I think I might need to get a bit proactive about this for next year :)