Last month one of the best neighbours we've had moved back home to Japan.  We miss her loads but we're still in touch and we have loads of bits from her flat which she gave us, so we have plenty of things to remind us of her.  One of these is her old jewellery making desk.  She made absolutely beautiful jewellery, what I'd call 'proper' jewellery making as she created her jewellery completely from scratch, drawing out the designs and creating them using precious metals like gold and silver and high quality gemstones.  I wish I had some pics or a weblink then I could let you see for yourself.

Anyway, we've had the desk for quite a few weeks now so we thought we'd use the bank holiday weekend to get it set up for me.  I'm amazed it only took a fraction of the time I was expecting to move all of my materials.  I'm a bit anal in the sense that I have most of my art and craft things stored in labelled boxes (normally the tubs you get with washing capsules for the washing machine).  We managed to clear the space where the desk was going and get everything back by yesterday afternoon.  I'm so chuffed with the results so thought I'd share them with you here :)