August 30, 2015
I really want to make some new items for my shops but I'm having a tough job getting inspired.  I thought I'd have a play on polyvore and see what cool stuff I can find.  That usually helps.  Here's what I found:

I really want to make some non jewellery items and make some more accessories, maybe some hair accessories and items like hats, scarves and arm warmers. I also love the laced cuff and would like to make a laced mug cosy.  I've got some cool pleather with skulls on that would be cool.  It was a bag but the straps finally died on me and they've ripped in such a way that I can't mend it.  It would be nice to repurpose it and make it into something new. 

Inspiration Board


Work in Progress

August 5, 2015
I've had a few months of feeling a bit uninspired but after a bit of frustration I seem to have felt in the mood to paint again.  This isn't finished yet but I thought it might be nice to share some progress photos.  I normally do this on instagram and I find it interesting seeing how a painting evolves as I work on it. 





I just need to do a last bit of work around the eye and with the hair but so far I'm really pleased with how it's looking.  Hopefully it should be finished in the next few ...

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World Goth Day 2015

May 22, 2015
To celebrate this years World Goth Day I thought I'd share some of the cool stuff I found over on Etsy. 

'World Goth Day 2015' by alittlebitgoth

My celebration of all things goth ^v^


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CorpGoth Status Report: Hair

May 18, 2015
I've been a bit lacking in inspiration with regards to blog posting recently so I've been making the most of the themed post homeworks set by my fellow bloggers.  Todays blog post idea comes via CorpGoth and the theme is how you style your hair for work days. 

Being self employed gives me a bit more freedom around how I look, what I wear and how I do my hair. If I'm going out to see a client or attending a meeting then I tend to wear my hair up in either a ponytail or a bun.  That way it does...
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The Liebster Award

April 29, 2015
Thank you to Franny over at The Curious Professor Z for nominating me for this award.  The rules of this award are as follows:

The Rules

1. Post award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award to you and link back to their blog
3.  Write 11 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 blogs who you think deserve this award and who have fewer than 200 followers
5. Answer the 11 questions posted by the presented and ask you nominees 11 questions

First up 11 random facts about me!

  1. I have ...

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Spring Cleaning

April 12, 2015
I've been having a bit of a tidy of my craft supplies and I'm rather pleased with myself as I've been brave and done a cull of my beads and charms.  I've managed to prune out 4 bags worth of beads, buttons and charms.  I figured the beads I don't plan on using are just cluttering up my supplies and it was making it hard to see what nice beads I had.  As most of my woodle doodle dandy designs jewellery is made from natural materials I've kept the wooden, glass, metal, ceramic and gemstone bead...
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Ideas and Inspiration

April 4, 2015
I've hit a bit of a creative block recently so have been trying to get inspired.  I have an assessment coming up with Atos, which I'm really anxious about.  It was meant to be next Thursday but, in keeping with the whole 14 month cock up from the DWP, Atos are also dicking me around and have moved the assessment to the 22nd now.  I can't even begin to put into words how unbelievably pissed off I am so I'm trying to vent some of that frustration into creative hobbies. 

The only problem is that...
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Hertfordshires Local Music Scene

March 21, 2015
We've been really enjoying the monthly live music nights run by Denise over at the Trestle Theatre in St Albans so I thought I would dedicate today’s blog post to sharing a few of the acts that we have really enjoyed over the last year.

First up one of our favourite singer/songwriters, Minnie Birch.  Not only does she have a beautiful voice and write great songs, but she's able to express a sense of vulnerability which makes the stories she telling so relatable and moving.  Here's one of her...
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International Womens Day

March 7, 2015
Today is International Womens Day so I thought I would celebrate it by sharing some of the famous women who I find inspiring. 

First up, one of my favourite actresses and just an all round cool lady, Helena Bohnam Carter.  Not only is she a great actress, wonderfully stylish and not afraid to look different, plus she's also smart and very witty.  She also stars in some of  favourite films, A Room With A View and Fight Club.  I loved her acceptance speech when she won the Bafta for Best Suppor...
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Bats and Ankhs

March 4, 2015
I've recently bought myself some ankh charms so have been including some in my latest jewellery and accessories for my 'A Little Bit Goth' shop.  I've loved ankh since my teens and have always worn a least one a day.  Even before then I loved learning about ancient Egypt in primary school (anyone that worships cats is good with me) and even entered a fancy dress competition when I was really young dressed as an ancient Egyptian. 

Here is how I've been using my new ankh charms.  The first item...
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