I've just got back from a lovely walk with bf and thought I'd share some of my pics of our recent outings and walks.  St Albans is so lovely and green its nice to get out and enjoy it on an evening like tonight.  Tonight we walked along by the river and around the backs of the allotments, along a little of the Alban Way and around the old nunnery site.  

Last week we did something similar but instead went down to the Watercress Gardens.  The Watercress Gardens are one of my favourite places to walk and I love looking at all the wild flowers, birds and butterflies.  

Also last week we finally got round to joining up as members of the Green Party.  We joined up to the national party and that automatically makes us members of the St Albans Green Party.  We'd been talking about doing it for ages and when we finally looked into it we realised its not expensive at all.  We joined up as a couple and we're paying monthly and it only costs us £3.40 a month, which is very doable.