I've been feeling a bit lost recently and a bit meh and have kind of lost my mojo with my blog and shop :/  The giveaway was great to focus on and I've absolutely loved creating all the bits and bobs for it :)  If you are a fan of my facebook page then you will already know this, but the lovely winner of my fab Support British Handmade Themed Giveaway was Kelly from Kokokelli!  Congratulations Kelly \o/ 

I've parcelled and posted out all the selection of goodies so hopefully they have reached her or are winging their way as we speak :)  I was so chuffed by the feedback I got to the giveaway and all the entries.  I got 149 entries!  I couldn't find an easy way to list them so I ended up typing each name into a document on Google docs.  It took up 4 pages!  I was so glad I learnt to copy type all those years ago when I was at uni!  The next thing I did was assign everyone a number and then I used the random number generator on random.org to give me a winner.  It was a bit of a mamouth job but I loved doing it and can't wait to do my next giveaway, which I scheduled for about May time.

I've been phenomenally busy in my dayjob, and I think that's a large part of the reason why I've been feeling a bit meh and tired.  I have however been busy out and about.  Last Saturday I went into London with my boyfriend and friends to the Kinetica Arts Fair 2012. It was amazing.  There was so much cool art and interactive sculptures to look at and play with and I took loads of pics.  Here's a few of my favourites :)


Sorry for the quality of the pics - they were taken on my phone.  I hope to get back into my weekly blogging rhythm so see you all soon :)