I haven't been feeling very creative the last few weeks but I sort of made myself do something as I know it's good for my head.  I think it paid off :)  I made some new jewellery for my A Little Bit Goth shop.  I made this cute bat necklace, which I'm really pleased with, and some ankh earrings.

I've also been painting and painted this new pic.  It's inspired by a poem by Stevie Smith, 'Not Waving but Drowning'.  It's a pretty dark poem and about her struggles with depression.  It's one of my favourite poems and sums up depression so brilliantly.  I hope my painting does her poem justice.  Excuse the quality of the pic, it's taken with my ipod.  I'll get some better photos next week.

I've also been listening to loads of Daniel Ash and his latest album, 'Stripped'.  I paid for it about a year ago as he was running a crowd funding project through Pledge Music so it was a nice treat to have some new music that I had already paid for when I had more cash.  I really like his new reworking of old Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets songs.