This weekend I got busy sorting out my crafting materials so that they were in less of a muddle.  I'm also doing a private destash swap with Mary from Cut Out & Keep so that also acted as a good motivation :)

Here's how it's looking now.

Here's the whole area with my desk and shelves.

My freshly tidied crafting corner :)

Here's a close up of my desk with my tubs of sewing stuff, ribbon, threads, etc

Craft Desk

And here's where I store all my jewellery making tools, beads, findings, etc


I'm already loving my newly organised space and I've sorted out a great big jiffy bag of stash for Mary, so I'll get posting that this Wednesday :)  It's also inspired me to get making so I'm sure there will be new items appearing in my shop very soon.  I already have one new pair of earrings which need to be added so I'll do that later today :)