It's been a while (to put it mildly) since I've posted anything here and I recently got talking to someone about my art and my website and thought I should give it a tidy.  Once I started tidying things up I realised I didn't really stop blogging for any particular reason.  I just got out of the habit.  If I can get out of the habit then I can get back in the habit, so here I am.

I thought I'd share some of my latest creations.  I've been having some hormone issues and that's really inspired me.  It's a bit of luck as it's also been driving me potty, but often pottiness inspires me.  

Up, Up and Away

This was painted at the beginning of the year.  I was having a rough time with my depression and SAD and it seemed to kick off much earlier last year than normal.  It normally ups the meh around November but last year it decided to get going in September.  It took me a couple of months of feeling apathetic and unmotivated before I decided to do something about the issue.  I normally have medication that I can take at this time of year (my doctor is in agreement with this plan) so I started taking that again.  It took about a month to make a difference and get my sleeping back to human levels (rather than cat mixed with a bit of nocturnal bat).  Once things had settled again I felt a lightness and painted this.  It'd different to my normal painting.  There's no blue lady but still plenty of glitter and metallic paints.  

Out of the Dark

The blue lady has returned! The background is the neurotransmitter, Dopamine and the lady is coming out of the fog with her lantern to help her find her way.  The raven in the sky was symbolising an ending.  I also love all members of the corvid (crow) family. They have so much character and intelligence.  They're very creative and brilliant problem solvers plus have strong social bonds and even play and gossip (share good and bad experiences) with their crow friends. It seemed like a good role model and companion for my blue lady.

Through the Fog

Another blue lady. This time she's reach out through a fog of hormones, oestrogen to be precise (that's what it looks like through an electron microscope).  I appear to have reached 'that age', a little earlier than I was expecting, but can't do much about that.  My hormones have been hellish.  I've needed to up one of my medications to level out my mood as my mood was all over the show.  One minute I'd be fine, then I'd be crying and then paranoid, obsessive and screechy and bitter.  I'm cool with a bit of those in small doses but this was making me really scared to be around people. 

I'm doing better now but my there's other lady stuff going on but I won't go into the gory details on that.  My doctor is on the case and I'm doing my best to remain philosophical and laugh.  My short term memory seems pretty non existent so that's been a little challenging but I write everything down anyway so I'm just carrying my pad everywhere and writing everything down.  

Anyway, that's about all for now.  I'll try not to leave it 2 years between this and my next post.