I've brought myself some fab new jewellery making glue so that I can now make rings and stud earrings and things like that.  It's great :)  I've already made myself a bat ring and it's standing up well so I've made some new items for my shop, including another ring and some cool spider earrings.

First up, these razor blade and flower earrings;

A floury cross ring;

Spider stud earrings;

Bat stud earrings :)

And this glow-in-the-dark bat brooch, which was a bit of silliness and made for me ^v^

I haven't listed everything in my shop yet but they should all be up in the next few days.  The next job to do is make some more non-jewellery items for my shop and finish at least one painting.  I've got about 4 that are at various stages of completion so I want to get one finished so I can list it.