Its been really lovely weather and it feels like Spring at last \o/  I've been down the plot and my onions are coming along nicely and the crocuses are already starting to flower.  The dafs aren't far off either so its going to look lovely in a few weeks time.  We've also started digging in the manure we ordered so I'm already starting to make plans for what to grow.  

I'd defintely like to get some more of the potatoes we grew last year.  They were really fluffy and grew to a decent size without too many knobbles.  I normally get put off growing potatoes as our previous efforts required so much work to get them onto the plate that it hardly felt worth it.  I'll have to track down the email with last years order on and try and get some more or the same.

I've also joined my first craft swap in absolutely ages.  Its a sweety swap, so right up my street.  I'm sending out to Mary in Italy and I've already got lots of ideas.  She likes spice flavours and has requested some ginger nut biccies so I shall get shopping tomorrow.  

I'm also pretty chuffed as I've stuck to my weight loss plan and reached last months target.  My reward for February was a Lengi Bear from Tyler Poncho.  He arrived last week when I was on annual leave so I got to pick him up yesterday. He's absolutely adorable.  I love his big, cheesy grin and he's much bigger than I was expecting so I'm chuffed to bits :)

 Here's a little pic of him from the website.  I haven't named him yet but I think it needs to be something a little different.