I've had a busy couple of weeks creating and picking up new tools and beads.  Last weekend I had a wonder down to Hatfield Rd in St Albans, where there are lots of charity shops and a brilliant Vintage Emporium.  I picked up some excellent bargains including a book on creating with polymer clay, some old jewellery with some very pretty beads and charms and some really cool wool.  I also met my boyfriend in the Vintage Emporium and had a spot of afternoon tea.  We had warmed bread pudding with clotted cream.  It was absolutely divine :) 

I also ordered myself a cool tool for making spiral beads.  I'd been itching to play around some more with wire and found a good tool via Wires.co.uk.  I also picked myself up some pretty copper wire and got playing.  So far I've made a couple of messy beads and lots of cool coloured jump rings.  I also got some silver plated wire and have made loads of tiny silver jump rings, so I'm nicely stocked up with them :)  

And yesterday I did a little tour of the charity shops and sales in Watford.  I got myself a few more beaded jewellery from the New Hope Trust shop and a cool necklace with really pretty butterfly charms on it.  I also found a pretty necklace with leaf charms on.  I've already used a couple on some earrings so will need to get taking pics for my shop.  I also got myself some more storage for my beads and tools and discovered the most amazing shop called Tiger.  I could have got lost in there for hours as it had everyone I could ever want to find in one place.  It had jewellery making bits, art materials, cool homeware and gadgets and make up and nail varnish, and all at really reasonable prices.  I was very proud of myself as I managed to make it out of there having only spent £4 \o/  I'll definitely be going back though ;)

Today I popped down to my allotment to empty the compost bins and collect some rainwater for our pitcher plant and had a nice surprise.  After doing a bit of pruning and weeding I discovered that our crocus bulbs have started coming up. A couple of them are just a few days away from flowering.  I can't wait to see them next week when I go down :)