It's been a really long time since I've posted anything here so I'll just dive back in.

Here's some of my creations that I've made during lockdown.   

This crocheted blanket has been a work in progress since the start of lockdown.  Initially I was using up odds and sods of wool, and then when they started to run down I got someone else's odds and sods of ebay.  So far it's looking pretty good and it's lovely and warm.

As with most people we have had to adapt the way we shop for food.  I used to do a monthly shop online and get it delivered but that's been near impossible since the start of lockdown.  We then got into a routine of ordering veg from a local farm shop.  We get a ton of different stuff every other week and it's been really good.  I've got back into cooking from scratch and one of the things I've been making regularly is this delicious butternut squash curry.  It lasts us two nights so it's been a great discovery.  

I've also been working more during the pandemic than before.  Working on Zoom is so much more convenient as I don't have to lug stuff from location to location when I'm delivering training or running groups.  This pic below was something I did while working on a creativity course for the Hertfordshire mental health charity, Viewpoint.  It was inspired by Gustav Klimt.  I still need to fill in a few boxes but it's nearly finished.  It was my take on the tree of life. 


I've also been doing some collage art - here's what I'm working on at the moment.  Its a butterfly in a sunbeam.  It probably doesn't look like much at the moment but it's coming along well and very enjoyable to do.  It helps me to relax in the evenings.