I had a great day yesterday helping my bf out with his stall at Living Crafts at Hatfield House.  I've never been to the event before but it was a really enjoyable day out.  It was nice that it was so close as well.  Although I lived in Hatfield while I was at uni I never visited Hatfield House so it was cool to see some of the grounds.  It looks enormous though so maybe I'll have to go back and have a proper visit.

Here's one of the pics of Pat on his stall :)

I also got to have a good look round and picked myself up some more crafting supplies.  I've been really getting into needle felting recently so bought some more wool roving.  I also got a big bag of wool fabric scraps and some raw silk to play with.  The silk cocoons are a very therapeutic to stretch out.  They're also daftly strong and very long.  I've been playing around with what to use them for.  I've been putting some in some felting and think I may try crocheting with some of the cocoons. 

Here's my little stash haul :)  The left hand bag is the fabric scraps and top right is the silk with the big bag of wool roving below.  I love all the colours together and with have lots of fun using these in projects.