This hot weather seems to be having the reverse effect that I was expecting.  I thought some warm and sunny weather would inspire me and I'd feel extra creative.  Unfortunately all I've really done is channel my inner cat and I've just wanted to sit around, nap and do not much of anything :/

I did however get some old jewellery donated to me by a couple of friends.  I've been meaning to take pics of it for a while so I finally got round to it today \o/ I'm not quite sure how use them yet as my brain appears to have turned to mush in the sunshine but I will.  I do eventually use everything given to me and I love reusing old items.  You can make some truly original jewellery with components that no one else has and I love that :)


Thank you to Martin & Shirley for these donations :)

I've also, finally, been making some new stuff.  I've been making some more spirally pendants and earrings with Fimo.  I'm not sure my pics do them justice but here's a couple of my latest creations.


I'll be adding these to my shop later tonight along with another few similar bits :)