I've been feeling quite productive lately and have been making some new items for my shop.  I've made 2 new necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings.  I've also made myself a cute, pink hat and a black infinity dress \o/

Here's the hat I made myself.  It's crocheted from the wool I picked up from the Pound shop a few weeks ago.  I love how it's come out and might make some more for gifts.

It was partly inspired by a new hat I bought myself from Rachael at Talk2thetrees and partly my own design.  The one I bought from Rachael is much longer in length so the pixie like point sits lower back on the head.  Mine is also crocheted in a different stitch and I love them both and they're perfect for the autumnal weather :)

Here's the first of the necklaces.  It's made from glass beads and magnetic, hematite beads and is strung on jewellery wire with a lobster clasp.  This is probably one of my favourite necklaces I've made so far.  I don't tend to make many necklaces due to the time they take to make but I really enjoyed making this one.


Here's the other necklace.  It's made from some bright pink acrylic beads I got from Nantwich back in the summer.  It's also strung on jewellery wire with a lobster clasp.  I've been using jewellery wire a bit more recently as it means I can use heavier beads without the risk of breakage.  

I'll get uploading these to my shop later this week along with some new earrings.  I'll post the pics of the earrings next time and try and get a pic of the dress to show off :)