I've done something that 6 months ago, I said I wouldn't do.  I've gone back to Folksy.  Not to sell jewellery or to reopen Woodle Doodle Dandy Designs, but largely because I miss the community.  Having your own website and shop is extremely cool but I don't think I was totally ready to give up the forums and the opportunity to get feedback on my designs. Unfortunately Folksy itself hasn't changed in the time that I've been away but I'm hoping I have enough to keep out of the politics of the site and just enjoy the good bits.  Its going to be a tough ask as I still feel there's a lot wrong with the site, but I'm going to try.

In an odd twist, I set myself up another shop.  The plan was to originally join up for a buyers account and maybe comment on the blog thread.  The shop was initially going to be a destash/supplies shop as I'm overrun with odds supplies I've picked up here and there but as I was trying to design an avatar and shop banner I got designing things around the theme of swirls and spirals. I decided rather than selling my excess supplies I'd actually start using them! I haven't bought any new supplies and now, a couple of months in, I have a shop full of spirally/swirly gifts.  I even set myself the challenge of joining the March Daily Listings Club.  Its not always been easy, especially on meh days, but most days I've made something and listed it.  I've also had some lovely feedback from other shop owners and my little shop already has 3 fans and its own facebook page.  

As I've kind of come out of the Folksy closet I thought I'd share some of my new creations from my new shop.  

If you fancy swinging by and looking at the rest of my shop you can find me here at Squirly Bird Designs.  My new Facebook page is here.