Just a quickie post to show off some of my latest creations.  First up are some bracelets I've been working on.  I've been experimenting with some beading wire I bought a while back as its a bit sturdier than elastic so I can use some heavier beads.  


This one is made with Turquoise and blue Cats Eye beads and I'm really pleased with how this one came out.  

This ones made from some glass and ceramic beads I got ages ago with some broken jewellery.  


These were made with some owl charms I bought last year just before Folksy made using charms feel dirty.  It's a little crazy but I haven't made anything with them since last October because they made me feel a bit weird, like using them was somehow cheating :/  Anyway, I figure I don't let Folksy tell me what I can and can't make and sell on my own site so I think I'll start using them again.

Finally, my favourites.  I made these using some butterfly charms I got earlier in the year.  They were part of a necklace but I think I like them more as earrings. Attaching them to the chain was extremely fiddly and I've probably got tons of tiny, brass, jump rings littering the floor under my desk as I kept dropping them while I was trying to attach the chain :/. 

I haven't added these to my shop yet as I want to take some better pics of the first 3 items.  I don't like them on white and the lighting wasn't that good.  I hope you like them as much as I do :)