I've been feeling really inspired recently so have been crafting and painting loads.  I've made a few new items for my shop and a few things for me.

Here's what I made for myself.  I love Labradorite and had some Labradorite beads in my supplies and thought I'd make something for me with them.  I've made these bat earrings using the Labradorite beads plus some crystals so they really catch the light. 

I've also been experimenting with wire and made myself this labradorite, amethyst and rose quartz pendant.  Apparently all three gemstones will help with some of my health issues.  Although I wouldn't stake my life on crystals healing I figure I'll keep an open mind.  If they help all the better, if not they just look beautiful and that's fine with me.

Some of wire wrapping is a bit messy as I'm still learning how to make wire jewellery but it's good enough for me to wear. When I get a bit better I'll make some things for my shop. 

I've also made a couple of things for my shops.  I made these earrings from some Kambaba Jasper beads I got a while back.  I'd forgotten the name of the stone, I thought they were Jasper but they didn't look anything like the pics in my book so I thought they might be Moss Agate.  After a bit of a search of the web I found that they weren't Moss Agate as the circular patterns aren't found in Agate.  I went back to the original Jasper idea and searched for pics of green Jasper and found some pics that looked just like my beads.  The reason I couldn't find them in my book is because it was a particular type of Jasper that wasn't listed.  I've added these to my original shop, Woodle Doodle Dandy Designs.

These earrings were for my other shop, A Little Bit Goth and were made from some beads I picked up the other day and some cross charms I had already.  They were a bit fiddly to make as they needed quite a few jump rings to make them hang right but I'm really happy with them.