I've been charity shop shopping recently and I'm pretty pleased with my recent purchases.  I normally forget to share them but this time I actually remembered to take some pics, so I'm going to do this while I remember. 

First up is this cool necklace I picked up from my local Grove House Hospice shop.  I loved the square beads and was thinking of taking it apart for beads and findings but, have since decided to keep it for me.  I so rarely do this - normally my first instinct is 'BEADS! - Must have more beads!' but this time I thought I'd keep this for me.  Its taking some restraint but realistically I don't need any more beads and its nice to actually keep something for wearing rather than dismantling.  I've got storage boxes overflowing in beads so I really should be using them up first, but you know how it is when you're a beadaholic - there is no such thing as 'too many beads' ;)

Next up is this pretty black dress/smock.  Its a really good shape for me and was a bargain at just £4.50 so it was destined to come home with me :)  This one was from the new Isabel Hospice shop that opened a few months back.  Its already one of my favourite shops as it doesn't overprice its stuff like some do so I normally don't escape without some purchase or other.


Finally, the books!  I love reading.  I'm not the fastest reader but its one of my favourite ways to relax.  This little stash cost me £2 in total.  They came from my local Oxfam Bookshop and I got 4 for £1 and 'Life of Pi' from their £1 selection.  

Last bit of news - I've joined up to a Blog Ring!  Its via one of the Folksy sellers, MerryBerry and the idea is that you join up and add a little button to your blog that allows readers to hop between different bloggers sites.  All the bloggers in the ring are crafters who make and sell.  Its a great idea and its right up my street so I was only too happy to join up.