Today is International Womens Day so I thought I would celebrate it by sharing some of the famous women who I find inspiring. 

First up, one of my favourite actresses and just an all round cool lady, Helena Bohnam Carter.  Not only is she a great actress, wonderfully stylish and not afraid to look different, plus she's also smart and very witty.  She also stars in some of  favourite films, A Room With A View and Fight Club.  I loved her acceptance speech when she won the Bafta for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in 'The Kings Speech', so I thought it would be fitting to share it here.

Another fab lady to include is Amanda Palmer.  Refreshingly honest, a wonderful advocate for the feminist cause and body positivity and also happens to be very sharp and witty.  Below is her response to the Daily Mail when they decided to make a feature out of the fact that she accidentally exposed her boob during an appearance at the Glastonbury. 

Another lady to include would have the be the fabulous Helen Mirren. Prime Suspect was one of my favourite crime series ever and she's an amazing actress and another great ambassador for feminism as she is so unapologetic in expressing her views and not afraid to point out sexism and inequality.  I love how she puts Michael Parkinson in his place in this 1975 interview.  She was absolutely right and he was utterly sexist.  Why should being beautiful and sexy be a barrier when being taken seriously as an actress.

I could go on, as there are so many inspiring women who I admire, but I thought I'd limit myself to just 3, but I may do more posts in a similar vein at some later point.  My final video to share is from International Womens Day 2011 and features Judy Dench and Daniel Craig.