I've hit a bit of a creative block recently so have been trying to get inspired.  I have an assessment coming up with Atos, which I'm really anxious about.  It was meant to be next Thursday but, in keeping with the whole 14 month cock up from the DWP, Atos are also dicking me around and have moved the assessment to the 22nd now.  I can't even begin to put into words how unbelievably pissed off I am so I'm trying to vent some of that frustration into creative hobbies. 

The only problem is that stress tends to make me really uninspired.  To try and get myself inspired I've made myself an inspiration board via polyvore.  I want to make some more items for my A Little Bit Goth Etsy shop and want to try and avoid making more earrings as I have quite a few of those already in my shop and I want my shop to have a bit more of a mix of items. 

I am thinking of having a play around and making some accessories plus I'd like to have an experiment with some goth style dream catchers.  I learnt how to make dream catchers over the summer last year and they're really fun to make.  I've got tons of materials which I should use up before buying more so this sounds like a plan.  I'd also like to make some bags, purses and pouches