I've been making jewellery like its going out of fashion this last couple of weeks :)  Its been great!  I've also been sorting out the last bits and bobs before the Craft Fair on the 26th.  I've made myself earring stands, got myself a nice mirror, some chocs to entice potential customers :), a Christmas card stand to hold my business cards and a lovely jewellery stand that I got from my sister for my birthday.  I've even had a go at laying out my jewellery and I've got loads.  I've got way more necklaces than I thought.  I'd still like to make a few more bracelets but overall I feel ready to go :)

Here's a couple of bits I made at the weekend.  I think I must been feeling extra girly as there's a lot pink :) 

If you see anything you fancy, why not have a peak in my shop :)