I'm feeling seriously grim at the mo.  I seem to have picked up a nasty virusy thing and I have the most painful cough.  I'm not sleeping especially well as a result :(  Yesterday I had to take the day off work and spent most of it in bed.  I have been playing round with my website though and have changed my shop section so that it uses my Etsy shop interface.  This makes life much easier for potential customers as you can now buy multiple items and pay with your credit card.  It also allows users to leave reviews and read others reviews.  As a seller it also means I have use better photos and better descriptions.  I does however mean I'm now charging for postage but thats been on the cards for a while as postage from the UK has gone up loads in the last year.

I don't have quite as much stock up in my shop at the moment but that will change gradually over time.  Most of the jewellery is there but items like art work, etc still need adding.

I've also signed up to take part in Bat Fit 2014.  It's a friendly network of goths and alternative folk supporting each other to get a little fitter and healthier.  It's run by The Curious Professor Z so if you want to know more pop over to her blog and take a look.  There's also a link to Bat Fit 2014 on right hand side of my blog.  I'm feeling pretty motivated at present and have been using an ap which tracks my mood and eating habits, which is more helpful to me as I'm more of a emotional eater.