Just a little post to share a bit of happy news.  Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to the opening for Herts Open Exhibition at St Albans Museum.  We were at the opening as my boyfriend had entered 3 pieces of ceramic art and all 3 were in the exhibition.  

After everyone has had a good wander round and look at all the work there is the awards part of the event.  Much to my delight my boyfriends name was read out as the winner of the St Albans Museums and Galleries Award \o/  He was chuffed to bits and I was exceptionally proud and were beaming and chuckling to ourselves as we walked home.  When we got home he got a text to say all 3 pieces had sold!  \o/ \o/ \o/

Anyway, here's some pics I took of his work when we first looked round and then after the awards were announced :)

If you want to check out his blog its over here.  He's also planning on adding a shop in the next few weeks so you can buy his work online.  If you're in the St Albans area why not drop in and look at the work on display.  Its running till the 4th January 2011 and is free entry.  The museum also has a cool 60s exhibition on the mo so that's worth a look too.