We've been really enjoying the monthly live music nights run by Denise over at the Trestle Theatre in St Albans so I thought I would dedicate today’s blog post to sharing a few of the acts that we have really enjoyed over the last year.

First up one of our favourite singer/songwriters, Minnie Birch.  Not only does she have a beautiful voice and write great songs, but she's able to express a sense of vulnerability which makes the stories she telling so relatable and moving.  Here's one of her newer songs and probably my current favourite, 'Unravelling'.

Next up a band that we discovered a few months back.  So far we've only seen them once but they were spellbinding and I'm hoping they will be back soon.  Here's them playing 'I Wear Black'.

Next, a band that do an amazing job flying the goth flag, Vaulted Skies.  We've seen them a couple of times and I'm really chuffed that they have already been booked in for a Halloween night at the Trestle.  Here's one that we love, 'Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange)'.

To check out what's going on at the Trestle click on their website.  They have monthly, live music nights and daytime acoustic café sessions.  The Acoustic Café sessions have only been running a month or two but are already a big hit.  The best thing of all is that all the events are completely free and mostly run by volunteers.